Edge Glueing

Edge Glue

Apquip has been supplying edge lamination extrusion equipment for many of the common adhesives such as PVAC, resorcinol, melamines and single part polyurethanes. Each system is custom designed to fit your specific needs. Port sizing, port spacing, line speed, adhesive type and viscosity are some of the many variables that are considered when designing the proper equipment for your applications. With a full line of pressure tanks, pumps, gear pumps and meter mixers we can supply the proper equipment to fit your individual needs. Most applicators are adjustable for multiple material sizes to minimize equipment costs and perform to the highest standards. Extrusion gluing will minimize glue squeeze on all four surfaces and can be adjusting by controlling volume and placement of the individual adhesive beads. Less adhesive squeeze out will minimize clean-up of out-feed equipment, presses, rollers and radio frequency presses. Utilizing extrusion gluing will save adhesive costs in most applications by 10-40% over roll coat applicators. Precision machining using CNC and wire EDM machines allow Apquip to use the highest quality materials such as stainless steel, ceramic and brass to provide durability and corrosion resistance to often highly acidic materials.

Please inquire about our lamination equipment for stiles and rails on veneering applications