Glue Detection

Apquip has been manufacturing glue detection systems for the last 15 years. Apquip patented a glue detection system that uses luminescence in the adhesive and compares it to the luminescence of the wood. We have used these systems primarily for finger jointing using PVA and PUR adhesives. Our systems are presently running on horizontal finger jointers running as fast as 180 lugs per minute. Our system adds an extra assurance that adhesive is being applied across the width of the finger joint and is of extra importance with finger jointers that utilize automatic corners. Operator can set desired reject thresh hold depending on product needs. Detection system has the added benefit of detecting short fingers and knot holes as these defects will not get full adhesive coverage. Defect output from our PLC can be used to trigger a kicker to physically remove defective piece from production line, mark blocks with ink or stop production line.